Inclinical’s Perform is an advanced clinical operations platform delivering EDC, CTMS, Document Control, Contact Management, and Closed Loop Query services.

Rapid implementation and User Role-based training gets most customers up and running clinical trials in less than three weeks.

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Plan – Do – View Methodology

Plan Trials

Portfolio, Checklists, Enrollment, Events, Required Documents, Investigators, Sites, Treatment Arms, Countries, Subject Visits, Monitor Visits, eCRF Data Collection.


Do Tasks

Create Portfolio: Program, Trial, Site, Locations and Contacts. Build eCRF Blocks and Pages. Enter Actual Event Dates, eCRF Data. Complete Checklists, Document Collections. Record SDV, Create & Resolve Issues/Queries.

View Results

Enrollment Plan/Actual, Event Status: Trial, Site, Subject, Monitoring Visit, Subject Visit. Subject Details and Progress: Trial, Site, Subject. eCRF Completion Progress: Trial, Site, Subject, Visit. Issue Status: Trial, Site, Subject, and Visit. Site Responsibility Log.

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Great for Small to Mid-Size Sponsors or CROs
Fast Implementation, Easy to Use, Activity Based Pricing
Real Collaboration Tools to Work With and Share Data among Collaborators

The Power of Collaboration

Perform’s unique collaboration software platform unifies all your trial management operations. The platform integrates Clinical Operations tools (EDC, CTMS, Document Control, Contact Management and Issues/Query resolution) which together facilitate work and enhance productivity The platform is pre-configured with common clinical operations nomenclature and the DIA’s Reference Model for indexing the Trial Master File.

Perform’s bifurcated security controls enable either the Sponsor or the CRO as a “Managing Organization” with the ability to precisely control both hierarchical data access and Perform’s menu functionality to implement a “controlled transparency” in operations that facilitates collaborative teamwork.

All critical information is hosted in a secure commercial facility. During the clinical trial process all necessary trial data is accessible to all team members within Perform regardless of size or location. At your trials conclusion, all your trial’s materials are at your finger tips.